1. - Эль access Лос Лос electronic forums of opinion or of any other mechanisms of communication and contact подставляют эль Дверь given by BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L., publishing entity of the daily BUSINESS, is regulated by the present general conditions of use of Лос services, in addition to for the laws that result from application.
Лос effects of these General Conditions, it will be understood by contents, in addition to any opinions, declarations, comments or suggestions никакой capable of protection under the current intellectual property regulation or индустриальный, all the creations of any genre, originals or derivatives, the services and productions of any class that plows an object of to related right to the copyright, expert well expert the industrialist creations ("Content).
The use of Лос services attributes the user's condition ("User) and there expresses the acceptance пленумы and грешат reservations of the User of each and everyone of the General Conditions in the version published by BUMP in эль напоминание same in that эль User should gain access to the дверь http://www.xiaodouchong.com or r http://www.neg-ocio.net (“эль Дверь”). BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L., there is reserved эль right to modify, in any напоминание, the General Conditions therefore эль User will owe искоса смотрят the above mentioned Conditions in each of the occasions in which I have proposes to uses Лос Services.
Параграф the use of the Services is obligatory the previous identification, turn of the system established in эль Дверь.

2. - Any Content that Лос Users transmit BUMP in эль use of these Services, or by means of any other середина месяца, will be able сер used by BUMP, or for any other company of his group, параграф any purpose or intention, like the production or service of products and contents or services of BUMP or his development and promotion. In this sense, эль User definitely withstands his use параграф the making and configuration of the daily BUSINESS, in any support, in all his editions and localities, in agreement подставляют Лос terms and conditions of the expropriation established in эль following point.

3. - For the acceptance of the present General Conditions, эль User уступает пользу in of BUMP, Лос rights of intellectual property of character патримониальный on any given Contents KNOCKED DOWN turn of the Services or of any other means параграф the making of the daily BUSINESS, in any support, (the Transfer) and, in особенный, Лос following:
  1. Эль right of direct or indirect reproduction, временный or permanent, for any середина месяца and in any форма, of the totality or part, including the graphic, sonorous reproduction, аудиовизуальный and electronic or цифровой.
  2. Эль distribution right for any середина месяца.
  3. Эль right of public communication, for any середина месяца or procedure, already море analogical or цифровой, included Лос procedures alámbricos or wireless, the emission, transmission, transmission and the putt disposal at the public of the works and other services of such to форма that any персона could gain access they from эль pleases and in эль напоминание in that she chooses.
  4. Эль transformation right, including the translation, the adaptation and the achievement of new versions.
UMBO will show Лос intellectual property rights object of the Transfer so much параграф эль exercise of his activity обычный expert параграф any other activity that подставляют character основной or инструментальный already you decides to tackle in any напоминание море straight or turn of third.
The Transfer realizes параграф the whole эль world and for the whole эль protection term awarded by the legislation of intellectual property Лос mentioned rights.
BUMP will be able to yield, transfer for any середина месяца and license third Лос rights that сын object of the Transfer

4-regret of which BUMP will be able to check and verify Лос sent Contents, expert well expert Лос spilled turn of the Forums stayed at this Дверь, BUMP никакой assumes not responsibility for these Contents in эль marries of that were constitutive of an illicit one гражданский or уголовный; title of example, BUMP никакой will be responsible for the possible affronts, несправедливости, slander or violations of Лос rights to the честь, intimacy or the proper image, infractions of rights of intellectual property or индустриальный or any right of third, that Лос Users could commit or spread.
There remains prohibited the use of the Services or Forum параграф to spread or to transmit the opposite Contents the Law, the мораль or the good customs; I FALL DOWN definitely there is reserved эль right to collaborate подставляют the authorities that, in his marries, need this one перевелярный звук параграфа the identity of the Users or any other information that it possesses.
BUMP reserves эль right to sum up, to summarize or to withdraw Лос given texts turn of the Services or spilled in Лос Forum, expert well expert экс-пульсар to User when is considers it opportune and, in any marry, when the affirmations or spilled opinions plow opposite the Law, the мораль or the good customs.

5. - Эль User accepts and it commits itself to support undamaged BUMP or the any companies of his group, front damages, responsibilities, costs and expenses (lawyers' included fees) suffered by these grasp to result of the nonperformance for эль User of these General Conditions and, in особенный, for the claims of third that allege the violation of to right of intellectual property or индустриальный or of his rights to the честь, the intimacy or the proper image, grasp to result of the given Contents, for any середина месяца, for эль User FELL DOWN.

6. - These General Conditions plows ruled by the Spanish лей. I FALL DOWN and эль User, подставьте resignation expresses any other jurisdiction, they surrender to that of the Courts and капитальный параграф Courts of Madrid any controversy that they could stem of the service of the Services object of these General Conditions.

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