You ха gained access to the Newspaper of Information and Opinion Цифровой NEGOTIATED turn of the direction Сеть http://www.xiaodouchong.com, which entitlement shows BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL.
Эль General Conditions use I and access Лос contents that there lodges this Page Сеть it implies эль knowledge and acceptance of the present that take expert to target rights make known o Лос users Лос, use, prohibitions, responsibilities, и т.д., that govern the хора of sailing and different services make use of Лос contained in эль present Вебсайт.

The present General Conditions regulate you you эль access, navigation and use Сеть of the Page NEGOTIATED. In the same way, there plows regulated the responsibilities derived from the uses of his contents - texts, graphs, drawings, designs, photos, программное обеспечение, you cogive, videos, music, базирует of information, images, informations ace well expert any other creation protected by the national laws and international agreements on intellectual property and индустриальный - and the Individual Conditions that govern Лос different services that I KNOCK DOWN OF PRIVILEGES, SL., кукурузная лепешка disposition of Лос users business turn.

Exclusively эль yam of domain xiaodouchong.com, turn of which соглашается to the Newspaper of Information BUSINESS is an entitlement of the entity BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL., довод "против" domicile социальный in C/Rioja 25, 1st Plants (41001 Seville), подставляет сиф: B-91524447 and inscribed in эль Mercantile Record of Seville in эль I Take 4.377 Генерала, фолиант 166, Sheet Be - 67.197, 1st inscription.
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL., кукурузная лепешка in his knowledge Лос different means of contact, turn of Лос which we will be able to be sent by any suggestion, question or any other circumstances that have considers opportune.
Phone: (+34) 91 512 1760
Факс: (+34 () +34) 91 518 9730
E-mail: negocio@xiaodouchong.com
Почтовый Mail:
C/Rioja 25, 1st Plants. 41001 Seville
the ларго of the navigation will be able to arrange or visualize other contacts means, especially, e-mail addresses, Лос that will be able to direct his corresponding suggestion, clarification to us or any another circumstance.

Сеть Use of the Page and Services
The navigation and эль use Сеть of the Page expert well expert most of Лос services contained in the same one General Conditions plows completely free expiring of форма it expresses and грешат not type of reservations the, updated permanently down эль связь “Авизо, Законное”.
Лос services which use, use or hiring find to regulate you low its own Individual Conditions will owe сер accepted, on the part of the user, of форма express and unconditional, in эль the same напоминание in эль that there makes use, use or putting disposition of Лос the same.
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. Arranged ха параграф certain services the capture of personnel information of Лос users who gain access Лос the same, belonging to application эль Общий and Clausulado Específico that governs the Polytic of Privacy.
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. arranges of Лос human and technical means that allow to study and следующий leaked of the whole Лос comments that service could realize the news by means of эль “to Give You Opinion”. The same way, in the present date, the spilled opinions turn of the mentioned service will spend to be part of the "Forum".

Rights of Intellectual property and Индустриальный
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. is номинальный or the corresponding use license is on Лос rights of development of intellectual property and индустриальная Сеть of the Page, expert well expert of Лос available contents turn of the same one. In does not marry, it will be understood that эль fact of allowing Лос users эль access Сеть the Page implies to resignation, transmission, license or transfer, общее количество not partially, of the above mentioned rights, on the part of BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL.
It is definitely prohibited to suppress, to avoid or воин в составе манипула any information of identification of Лос rights of BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. or of his built-in holders Лос suppressed, expert well expert Лос technical protection devices, the fingerprints or any mechanisms of information лет identification that contents join Лос.
Also, it is prohibited to modify, to copy, to re-use, to exploit, to it you reproduce, to communicate publicly, to do the second or later publications, to praise fields, to send by mail, to transmit, to use, to treat or to distribute of any форма the totality or part of Лос contents included on the present Page параграф Сети public intentions or TV / radio commercials си никакой tells him подставляют the express authorization and in writing of. BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. or, in his marries, of the номинальный of Лос rights that it corresponds.
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. allows Лос users the possibility of sending photo photos сер параграфа published in BUSINESS подставляют to purpose merely informative and regulated in the Conditions that govern this service. The discharge of photos штрафы параграфа different, Лос mentioned, they need express authorization, on the part of the номинальный or grantee of rights.
Эль yam of domain, entitlement of BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL., никакой it will be able сер used, in connection подставляют other contents, products or services that никакой plows an entitlement of that one, when there could causes confusion between Лос users финалы or эль discredit of the entity.
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. reserves эль right of BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. develops his activities and related ambiences use of the domain or denominations I NEGOTIATE in эль mercantile ambience in эль that. Of equal форма, BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. is reserved эль rightly to prevent the use of or Лос derivative domains of Лос the same for his seemed from being able to it you induce ошибка or confusion on Лос signs, denominations or Ориген managerial of Лос services.

BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, SL. turn of confidencial.com of xiaodouchong.com никакой becomes responsible for the following performances:

  • Эль bad use that you could realize Сеть of the Page.
  • The continuity of Лос contents Сеть of the Page.
  • The absence of вирусный лет other harmful components in Сеть the Page or in эль servant who Лос gives, so much in relative the visualization of Лос contained for Лос users expert in the discharge of Лос the same.
  • Лос contents and services given by other Pages Сеть that entitlement could have access from the Internet addresses BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L.
  • The invulnerability of the present Page Сеть, not of the программное обеспечение used, distributed or obtained of the same one.
  • Эль мэр or minor yield of Лос contents lodged on the present Page Сеть.
  • Лос damages or damages that any персона will cause, good си the same or third, that was infringing the conditions, norms and instructions that I KNOCK DOWN OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. establishes in Сеть the Page.
  • Лос damages caused by the violation of Лос safety systems Сеть of the Page entitlement of BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L.
  • Эль bad functioning of программное обеспечение or программные расширения-Discharge that will be able to realize from эль связь established to the necessary effect параграф the visualization and listening of certain contents lodged on the present Page Сеть.
  • Any action or performance that will be able to realize in relation подставляют the rights violation of third, especially, in relation the image, intellectual property or индустриальный.

BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. prohibits, definitely, the insertion, обвивают or mention of any publicity, directly or by implication, in Лос services that the entity кукурузная лепешка his disposition on the present Page Сеть.
There is prohibited эль storage, discharge or copy of information of character персонал that will be able to realize according to the publication of Лос the same business turn
In marries that I KNOCK DOWN OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. will have knowledge, of office or instance of part, of to fraudulent uses of the present Дверь, is will be able to adopt the decision to deny эль access Лос services.

Personnel Protection of Information
Of conformity подставляют the established on the subject of information protection, BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. guarantees the пленумы adequacy Сеть of the Page and of the whole Лос given services turn of the same one the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Персонал of Protection of Information of Character, expert well expert any regulation, of international, state or autonomic ambience, which regulates the matter.
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L., it guarantees all and every ООН of Лос quality beginning in the collection and treatment of his information. Also, the purpose of the present clausulado is to putt disposition of Лос users параграф the Polytics of Privacy that, in the whole напоминание, Лос users could you decide free, voluntary and of форма it expresses - си they want to facilitate you Лос personnel to yourself information that will be able сер requested in certain services, which I KNOCK DOWN OF PRIVILEGES, S.L., кукурузная лепешка disposition on his Page Сеть.
Anyhow, I FALL DOWN OF PRIVILEGES, S.L., it incorporates, in those services where users obtain information of character персонал of Лос, эль clausulado where specific the polytics that goes to apply on Лос the same. Эль user, in the whole напоминание will be able to gain access and know, turn of the связывают “Polytics of Privacy”, present in the whole Лос isolated from the present Page Сеть, the polytics that establishes BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. on the subject of information protection, especially, expert for use and treatment of Лос information of character персонал.
BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. informs them that it uses куки подставляют the only purpose of which I have could gain access Лос грех services need of parameters will you introduce Лос or Кампус that be requested him.

Duration and Modification
The present General Conditions have the validity that твёрдая мозговая оболочка his exhibition. Of this форма, BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. advises that, whenever Лос users gain access скудная Сеть the Page подставляют thoroughness the same ones. BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. reserves эль right of modification односторонний of the General Conditions in any напоминание, in its entirety or partially. The modification will supply effects from his publication in Сеть the Page, you reside specifically, from his insertion in эль связь “Авизо, Законное”.

BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L., it will be able to choose to interrupt, подвязка or finish unilaterally эль access Лос contents Сеть of the Page, подставляют independence of the arranged in the present conditions and in the Individual Conditions that govern the service of Лос different services. The above mentioned situations никакой will alter the validity of the prohibitions of use of Лос exposed contents the ларго of the present clausulado.
Also, I FALL DOWN OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. will take the pertinent measures параграф that, expert it will be possible to him, to warn Лос users of the above mentioned circumstances - suspensions, interruption or term of access Лос contents-.

Nullity and Ineffectiveness
In marries of discrepancy exists between the established in the present General Conditions and the Individual Conditions of every specific service, the arranged will prevail in the above mentioned.
In эль marries of the that any disposition or dispositions contained in the present General Conditions were considered to be void or inapplicable, in its entirety or partly, by any Court, Трибунал or competent administrative organ, above mentioned nullity or indolence никакой will affect neither to the rest of the General Conditions nor the Individual Conditions of Лос different services Сеть of the Page.
Эль никакой exercise or execution, on the part of BUMP OF PRIVILEGES, S.L. of any right or disposition contained under these circumstances Generals никакой it will constitute to resignation the same one, повод recognition and written agreement for his part.

Лей Applicable and Jurisdiction
All the Conditions, Personnel details and Individuals, inserted in Сеть the Page plows ruled by the Spanish regulation. The whole Лос conflicts, controversies or situations derived from the General Particular and Conditions will submit Лос Courts and Courts of the Town of Madrid, resigning definitely the parts his jurisdiction.


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